Good Job CafePress

CafePress who were unaware of the nature of Bevs foul little store acted comendably quickly to remove it after being contacted. Good job guys and all the best with your business :-) - anyone else thinking of hosting the store...terrorism is bad for business...it kills people and doing business with terrorists will kill your trade.


JUSgear - pro-terrorist clothing from the cradle to the grave

Bev Geisbrecht's Jihadunspun have launched a range of pro-terrorist clothing for babies and adult terror-monkeys alike. When I originally wrote the parody of jihadunspun I included the following as part of a mock interview

MS - So, you're undetered by oposition - what is the future of JihadUnspun?
BK - Martin, we have a very exciting project in the pipeline. We will of course continue to provide infidel free news to the faithful, but we are expanding into a another exciting area. We will be launching a range of jewproof clothing using the revolutionary himmlertex (r) material developed by our friends at RiechsCorp. They will be available in a range of styles and colours for men and in an snazzy all in one head to toe black number for women and will protect the wearer from jewish lies - they simply slide off the material and fall harmlessly to the floor. Kitted out with their JihadUnspun clothes our customers could have lunch with Woody Allen and emerge unscathed - it really is a breakthrough in the fight against the infidels. Not that they should have lunch with a jew obviously because thats just the sort of thing the jews would want. Bastards.

Life imitates art once again.


Well I've been busy doing other stuff for month's - a new post is required tonight though

Happy Birthday Israel

But as Charles hat tipped me....after a small portion of negative opinion re Great Brtiain....heyyyyyyyy Us Brits love you Israeli's...we're hitting the fuckers..as it should be :-)

Happy 55th Anniversary Israel..You amaze once again as the tough nation that not only keeps itself safe but keeps creating..in the medical, technological and other scientific fields..keep it going guys and girls :-).

Stick with the winning team and fuck the socialists and arseholes. UK, US, Israel, Aus, Canada (-cretian) NZ( -the lefty)...who the fuck is going to take us on?


Treason anyone?

Bev Geisbrecht of jihadunspun fame finally admits that she is a servant of bin Ladin. As her alter ego "Bruce Kennedy" states - Osama is certianly considered a scholar amongst some and not by others. Are his fatawa's valid. In my opinion yes, as they are backed up specifically by the Quran.

Time to remove her to Gitmo methinks


Iraqis cheer as statue toppled by US Marines

Iraqis climb the statue and sling rope around the neck

The statue with USMC tow cables attached



Baghdad liberated

Iraqis greet US troops in Baghdad

No more Saddam...jubilant Iraqis tear down a painting of the dictator in Baghdad

Eat sandle Saddam...and elderly Iraqi man shows what he thinks of the dictator now he's free to express his views.

Free at last....Iraqis celebrate as Allied forces take control of the city.

Thank you...a gatefull Iraqi man gives flowers to a US Marine during the liberation of Baghdad


British troops seize Basra, US troops gain control of areas of Baghdad

An Iraqi girl welcomes US Marines in Nasiriyia

Newly liberated locals show their thanks to a Royal Marine Commando in Basra

Iraqi children welcome Royal Marines in Basra


UK 5th column watch - Hizb ut-Tahrir

Dr Imran Waheed has published a traitorous article on his jihad website Kalifah.com. In the article he states that "Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain believes that captured US and allied troops should be treated as 'unlawful combatants' by the Iraqi army" rather than as POWs as stipulated by the Geneva convention. He claims this would be legitimate because of the interment of terrorists captured in the Afghan theatre. What he fails to point out is that terrorists ARE illegal combatants, soldiers are not, and are entitled to POW status, be they captured Allied or Iraqi troops. The Allies will honour the geneva convention, sadly the Iraqis seem to have taken the traitor Waheed's advice and ignored it when dealing with our prisoners of war. Why did we abolish the death penalty for treason and what do we need to do to bring it back asap?
Footage likely to be missing British soldiers

British Ministry of Defence confirms that two dead soldiers, whose bodies were shown in footage broadcast by al-Jazeera TV, are probably two Britons who went missing during a battle near al-Zubayr on Sunday. al-Jazeera has now braodcast footage of British and Americans murdered by ba'athist savages, plus the geneva convention violating tapes of American POWs being interogated by Iraqi TV. All organisartions in Allied countries must cut off ties with them immediately. We are passing details on their known suppliers and partners to major media in the UK. Those who fail to comply with a total boycott should be boycotted themselves. Details to follow ASAP.

BBC deal with al-jazeera