Wot no jihad? - Al Muhajiroun do the hippy thang

Al-Muhajiroun's latest tactic is to disguise themselves as peaceloving hippies to pursuade yet more gullible liberals to join their jihad against the west. war-against-terrorism.co.uk has any references to al-muhijiroun kept to a bare minimum and dispenses with their traditional "slaughter the kafirs" rhetoric

So no jihad at all then? Well in the end it took some digging but suprise suprise they just couldn't help themselves calling for the slaughter of apostate rulers and giving the customary call to arms

For those who are interested war-against-terrorism.co.uk is hosted by advantage interactive (telia abuse e-mail, advantage sales email) and is redirected by them to http://www.khilafah.clara.net/war-on-terrorism/ (claranet abuse e-mail) The IP address of the main URL is

Their tradition of using false details continues however - this site was registered by one Abdul Haq - an anti-taleban commander who was executed by the bearded ones before Afghanistan was liberated last year. Come on guys, your research people need to do their homework a bit better - if you're going to keep registering sites in the names of your jihadi heroes at least pick ones that weren't on our side.

The timing of the registration is also interesting - it was registered on 11/10/2002 - almost as if they knew that 1 day later they would need a more moderate front in the wake of the Bali attrocity.

Thanks to colt, a poster on LGF for bringing the site to our attention.


Fasthosts - Terrorist Ally or Gallant Friend of the Authorities?

Following up on haganahs work here and here we have been in email and phone contact with Fasthosts for the last couple of weeks asking them to shut down the offending sites. Their response - a robotic repetition of the "Ve vere only obeyink orders" line. After several back and forths I got this mail today

Dear Sir,
thank you for your email. As my colleague pointed out in three previous emails, we are cooperating FULLY with the authorities on this and any other issues pertaining to content deemed worthy of attention by the powers concerned. If you have any further queries we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to call us at 01452-541-260.

Yours sincerely

Frank Pohlmann
Account Manager
Fasthosts Internet Limited

Well you can't say fairer than that can you? Can you?? Well a little googling on their history of cooperation with the authorities prompted me to write this response
Dear Frank,

Thank you for your e-mail. Firstly let me assure you that we have taken the comments made by Charlotte and yourself on board and they will be reflected in the articles as Fasthosts official position in this matter.

However you have been provided with plenty of evidence that the authorities do not in fact want these sites to remain in place. You have also been given practical advice as to how to ammend your terms and conditions. It has been noted that you have failed to take this advice.

Regarding your FULL cooperation with the powers concerned and appropriate authorities you can understand that we find this less than credible in the context of this article and this article and any number of similar articles on your organisation. Your failure to deal with the authorities about basic things like advertising standards and following TS guidlines makes your suggestion that you are both in close contact with and FULLY cooperating with the UK, US and Israeli authorities with regard to terrorism seem rather preposterous.

We are not in the least bit interested in fasthosts, your business ethics and your relationship with the ASA and Trading Standards - however if taking an interest in them is required to stop you allowing terrorists to train others and spread their propaganda then we will take a very active interest.

You seem to be attracting a lot of attention at the moment - is the few hundred pounds the terrorists are paying you for the accounts in question really worth attracting a whole lot more?



Was I too harsh? Are these people just doing their duty and helping to defend freedom? Email them and let them know what you think.
Jews to Islam

Jeremy Reynalds excellent article here on bushcountry.org raises a number of very important questions. We will certainly by writing to the CI Host and making our views on their colluding with this hateful site clear. We won't be writing to jewstoislam though as anyone who does write to complain has their home address with maps plastered all over this page.

The hate site makes use of the Qatar based islam-online e-mail service - it's use of this service seems to be slightly out of line with islam-onlines stated aims If you wish to contact Islam Online to ask for the cancellation of the account Jewstoislam@islam-online.net then why not contact them at the most regularly checked address on their site - the one for advertising sales!

The second and more important point is why on earth is this site still in existance? Freedom of speech?? What about freedom from fear? If known Hamas associates posting your name, photo, address and map of your neighbourhood does not violate Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights I don't know what does. If a paedophile posted a child's photo and address on a website suggesting other paedophiles go round and "make friends" with the child would an ISP defend it? I would certainly hope not and if they did I suspect their management would soon be sharing a cell with the predator in question.

If terrorists right to freedom of speech is constitutionally protected in any country then logically so is paedophiles - both are a menace to the safety of our children, both have killed our children for their own perverted pleasure and both are despised by normal people everywhere. If this story, mentioned in Jeremys article, is a reflection on the US position then it's time for the people of the USA to make a decision - does the 1st ammendment extend to paedophiles and terrorists or not? I would respectfully suggest that it does not.
Russian and English Versions of the mail sent to Dataforce.net

Unfortunately the Russian characters do not display correctly on here however you can translate your own message into Russian here

English version
re Terrorist Site

Dear sir or madam

This message has been translated automatically and may contain errors.

You are currently hosting a website called www.palestinianforum.org at IP address which promotes and glorifies islamic terrorism. An account of some recent posts may be found on the IDF site at http://www.idf.il/newsite/english/1117-8.stm or translated into Russian here

We would like you to remove this site as soon as possible.

Many Thanks

Allies Against Online Terrorism
Palestinians Celebrate Death

On the forums at Shabka the murders of 12 Israeli's are the cause of great joy and celebrations.

From the IDF website - "In a Palestinian Internet forum called "Shabka Palestin" some wrote in voicing their happiness and support for the attack in Hebron, and even went as far as calling the murdered Israelis "Zionist pigs". They also wrote slogans such as "Allah Akbar" (God is the greatest) in referring to the attack, and called for the continuation of such attacks. "This day is for you, Iyad Sawalha" and "Allah, enable us to defeat the Zionist pigs" were only a couple of the quotes found on the forum. These quotes just go to show to what extent the general atmosphere on the Palestinian streets is full of hatred, violence, and support for terror attacks."

The site is hosted at a Russian ISP Dataforce.net (run through a translator)

You may contact them at Dataforce Abuse Email For convenience I have included a copy of the russian & english mail we sent to them.


In pursuit of a muslim globe

forislam.com is an interesting site. It resurects an artform that many people though was dead..that of the exagerated hooknosed shifty eyed plotting Jew . Goebels would be proud of them carrying on a proud tradition.

Its snazzy logo with cresent topped image of the world and catchphrase "In pursuit of a Muslim globe" suggest that these people may have a less than tollerant view of how things should be in the world. Terrorists? ..we will see. Terrorist supporters..I think thats fairly certain.

we have not had time to look at them in detail yet, but i'm sure the findings will be interesting..in the meantime we would ask our friends to investigate these people.
www.islamic-block.org owned by An-Najah University

We have discovered that An-Najah University, favoured place of education for Hamas and IJ suicide bombers owns a terrorist recruitment site www.islamic-block.org

The University of Death as is it known are partly UN funded and claim on their website alliances with Trinity college, Trier, Dundee, University of Franche Contee', Louvain, Edinburgh, ENS, UMIST, Oslo University, The Free University of Brussels, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Frankfort, Paris 7, Birzeite, Al-Azhar, Al-Islamia, Hebron, Polytechnic, and The Union of Arab Universities.

Their "where are they now" section in their alumni magazine is doubtless somewhat sparse as many of their students have gone on to join Hamas, IJ and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade for short careers in blowing themselves up next to children.

They also love to get their students to do a bit of creative writing. The typical story here is along the lines of "There were 3, no 6, no 10, no 40 Israeli soldiers. They had guns, erm, no helicopters, erm no spaceships and they stopped me, no shouted at, no attacked..erm no murdered me and all my friends in cold blood. So I was late for college."

They have however previously tried to pretend that they are perfectly peaceloving..their ownership of a undergraduate recruitment website for the terror groups attacking civilians does finally prove that they are not innocent bystanders with a few over-zealous pupils - they really are the University of Death by design and not by accident.

Having seen the agressive attacks on LGF for daring to criticise them we must point out thats it's not all doom and gloom at the University of Death. They are great pains to point out that they won an award for research into nitrates and how they can be refined in (bomb?) labs. This could have two possible applications. Firstly it could be used in developing better fertilisers to allow both Arab and Israeli farmers to increase crop yeilds. Secondly it could be used to produce increased yeild from the fertiliser based explosives used by the terrorists who attend their Uni. I'm sure they had the former in mind when they started this program..or am I?

We have passed on the information to our friends at online hagana who have published the technical details. We have also let the IDF know and they have confirmed they are now investigating it.
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