Top terror recruiter captured in UK

Hassan Butt, leading terror recruiter for Al-Muhajiroun and their former spokesterrorist in Pakistan, has been captured by British security forces in Manchester. This is the latest in a line of arrests of people associated with Omar Bakri Muhammed and Abu Hamza - the two leading terrorists free to recruit in the UK at the moment. Is it too much to hope that the terrible twosome will be spouting their hate from behind bars anytime soon?

We certainly hope it isn't.


Al Najah Exposed

With our limited translation resources when we discovered that the University of Death was running a Hamas recruiting site we passed it onto our friends on the web for further effort into translating all of it. We also passed it on to our friends at the IDF who have a world beating Arabic translation department who work all the hours God sends sifting through the good, the bad and the ugly on Arab Street. They have completed a comprehensive translation of the site and run highlights on their website. Have a look into the mind of those who groom teenagers to kill children here

Al Najah - alma mater of many homicide killers, the University that claims as its greatest accomplishment a prize for nitrate refinement. Their valuable prizewinning work has probably extended the range of the Qassam 2 terror rocket by 20 miles. They still groom kids to kill other kids.

Would humanity be better of with or without this place?

As they say in "Big Brother" - you decide.

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We'll not count this as a "one down" till the bulldozers move in.