Al Najah gets a taste of its own poisonous medicine

I got a mail today from "info" entitled "Happy Christmas"..it virus checked ok and when opened the body was blank but the sender turned out to be the main mail address from Al-Najah University in Nablus - the notorious University of Death. A quick check of their site revealed the Christmas gift they were reffering to. Now it would be great if the IDF had set charges and demolished the place but sadly it doesn;t sound like that has happened - they got shut down for a day..boo hoo. Did Israelis walk onto campus and detonate themselves killing dozens of students? No, but many of the terrorists that learn their murderous arts at Terror U have done just that..an overview for those not aware of their alumnis handiwork.

Their whining press release - which will no doubt cause more outcry from leftist fifth columnists in the west than the deaths of the scores of Israeli children killed by their students - cites the Geneva Convention's Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948. They quote as follows:-
Article 26.
(1) Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.

All present and correct..however it does not mention 26/2
Article 26.
(2) Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace.

Funny that isn't it..almost as if their particular brand of genocide studies with an emphasis on practical applications wouldn't count as anything recognisable under the geneva convention - except a crime against humanity. While we're at it they dont mention
Article 3. - Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
Article 30. -Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

So, in conclusion the rest of the worlds right to live trumps your right to train kids as murderers..so stop whining. No suicide bomber training on campus = no tanks. No more research on the Qassam 2 in your labs = no bulldozers. No support for terrorists = normal life. Get it though your thick heads.
Syria resigns from the human race

Syria has tendered her resignation from humanity by voting against the UN condemnation of the Mombassa attrocity. Her contribution will not be missed. For those with short memories this is the result of what Syria supports:

Hamas Rally in Gaza

Hamas hold a massive rally in Gaza including children as speakers calling for more suicide bombings and the slaughter of innocents.

Same shit,

different day.

'nuff said.


Well it took a while but we got there in the end

Top Hizb'allah shit Hassan Nasrallah's denial of ever mentioning anything about such nastiness as suicide bombings and hizb'allahs deletion of the pages has now been exposed after a morning of getting no work done and lots of messing with search engines. Got it in the end at..the daft sods homepage :-)...the goon forgot to delete it on his own vanity site....it's not a 100% match (maybe 98%) for the original text translated by the IDF but very close and undeniably authorised by the top terrorist himself as its from his personal site...

Presenting the report on words of "Hizbullah SG, his eminence sayyed Hassan Nasrallah" on suicide bombings, the benefits of kiddie martyrdom and all the usual topics moderate reasonable politicians talk about. (november 15th entry on both versions) in arabic and in english (entries for 11/11/2002 also related)

Having read the details I don't think I'm alone in suggesting that both the arab and jewish children of the region would be much happier and have a considerably greater life expectancy if the CIA donated a Predator launched Hellfire missile to his collection plate for "martyrs" while he was holding it.


I've now calmed down enough to make the observation that "Al Shaheed Social Association" (The Martyrs Social Association) must be the worst sports and social club in the world...whats on this year's program of outings and larks then Hassan??..."First we shall be breaking the fast..and then you shall all be blowing yourselves into tiny pieces among infidels inshallah!!"..will you be coming with us oh great one??...."erm no, I'm erm...washing my beard..got to go...byeee"
Hezbollah statement switched

The statement by Nasrallah recorded by lgf, google and online haganah is unfortunately not the correct document. I have posted a machine translation of the recorded document on our hardcopy website here. It relates spying on/by Israel - however the hunt for the original document calling for global jihad continues..


Hezbollah makes veilled threat to Canada / Hezbollah traffic wardens in action

Hezbollah responded to the banning of the group in Canada in typical terrorist style - making veilled threats against the people of Canada.

An interesting look into the peaceful organisation that Hezbollah claims to be is translated here from an original editorial by Abbas Saleh who is the editor of Beruit based Nahar newspaper after his kidnap and vicious beating at the hands of Hezbollah. His crime? Parking in the wrong place.
Beeb runs al-qaeda internet story

The BBC has run this story on al-qaeda's use of the internet as a terrorist tool including quotes from our friends at online haganah
Jihadunspun offline

Jihadunspun is offline as of 19:00 GMT - This may be temporary however we understand that their upstream provider has recently taken a proposal to disconect them under advisement. Could be good news but it could be a temporary situation.


Sadly it was only temporary. They are back online with a glossy version of their Fantasy Casualty League auditted by TREK Technologies Inc. - a leading market research firm that - surprise surprise - doesn't exist. They also find time for a good gloat over the innocent Kenyans and Israelis murdered in Mombassa. We hung William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw) for this sort of stuff after the Second World War.....


National Council on Canada-Arab relations attacks Hezbollah ban

CTV reports on the reaction to the banning of Hezbollah from Jewish and Arab groups. This includes the following:-
"We see this as another effort by a pro-Israel group to change Canadian foreign policy," Chouaib said, adding that banning Hezbollah outright would perpetuate stereotypes that Canadian Arabs are involved in terrorism.

Life imitates art once again.
Canada to ban Hezbollah - about time too

The national post reports that the Canadia government are about to ban Hezbollah under their anti-terror laws. As the group have an extensive network in Canada lets hope this legislation is swiftly followed by arrests of the terror groups members in Canada


Good news from Hamas? Shurely shome mishtake?


Against the odds Hamas's news site carries two pieces of good news - if they're true. Incedentally Hamas are now the one of the few terrorist groups that use more quotation marks than the BBC with regard to terrorism. Not to mention their cunning use of exlamation marks.

Zionists accuse UNRWA of assisting Palestinian resistance!

Tel Aviv - The Zionist internal security apparatus had prepared a secret report accusing the United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNRWA) of “assisting terrorism”.
The report was prepared after the UN accused the Zionist occupation forces of killing UNRWA employee Ian Hook two weeks ago in the Jenin refugee camp.
Commander of the Zionist central command areas had supported the soldier who sniped Hook at the pretext that the Agency’s office in Jenin was being exploited by “saboteurs” and that the soldier believed that Hook was a “saboteur”! The Zionist report alleged that UNRWA was pursuing a hostile policy to “Israel” and that the “Israeli” army was ready to grant impunity only to UNRWA’s foreign employees and not Palestinians. Meanwhile, UNRWA sources announced yesterday that the Zionist army had issued orders two day ago banning UNRWA employees in the Gaza Strip from crossing military blockades while riding alone in their cars. The orders said that driver of each car must have a partner with him in order to be allowed to cross those roadblocks. The sources, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the orders were relayed to the Agency via “Israeli” foreign ministry and commander of the southern command. The orders would hurdle work of the international employees especially when most of them reside in the green line and sometimes work until late hours in the Strip, the sources elaborated. They opined that the Zionist measure was apparently in retaliation to the document that was handed to media means three days ago and signed by 60 UNRWA employees accusing the Zionist army of killing Hook last month

Source: - Hamas English language website
Good news from Hamas? Shurely shome mishtake?

Zionist officer calls for destroying Makkah and Medina

Tel Aviv - A senior Zionist officer has asked his government to declare beforehand that any nuclear attack on the Hebrew state would entail a retaliatory strike and the destruction of the Islamic holy cities of Makkah and Medina in Saudi Arabia.
In an article recently published by the “Israeli” security ministry’s magazine, the officer said that any country or Islamic organization attacking “Israel” with nuclear bombs should know that Tel Aviv would retaliate by destroying the Islamic holy cities.
The officer, who said that he was quoting foreign sources, said that “Israel” owns from 100 to 400 atomic bombs. He added that “Israel’s nuclear warheads” could be fired by missiles, warplanes or even submarines.
“Any party planning a nuclear attack against Israel should take into consideration those facts”, the officer elaborated.
He opined that “Israel” owned the necessary nuclear deterrence to discourage possible strikes by Arab countries or “terrorist” organizations.

Source: - Hamas English language website
Look who's linking

Jihadi group Al-Muhajiroun have added another link to their list of terrorist sites here. This time it's not a slaughter the kaffir style site as is their preference but a leftist anti-war site thedebate.org. Thedebate.org is the usual combination of "its all about oil" rhetoric, New world order conspiracy theories, constant contradictions and lefty hyperbole - not our thing but certainly not pro-terrorist.

We wonder if they know are aware of the online company that they are keeping these days. You can let them know here.


Islamic Block blocked

Having passed the Al-Najah students union Hamas recruiting site to the IDF a few weeks ago we hoped that we would get some results. Not only did the IDF publish a translation on their website they also appear to have taken more substantive action as Islamic Block has been removed totally from the net.

Thanks to the ladies and gents of the IDF - pizza is on it's way via pizzaidf.org
Taliban public relations at its finest

Taliban Online is another example of the dreamworld the jihadis are living in. In their heads they are not only unjustly criticised for slaughtering everyone in sight and their horrendous treatment of women but they are also all conquering heros against whom the Allies stand no chance. Still - they don't get out much so maybe no-one told them that most of their jihadis are now a red stain on a cave floor.

Back to the site and their FAQ section is priceless - a must read for everyone. For example in response to the question "Are the Taliban Extremist?":-

By the way, What is the 'moderate' Muslim ? One that does not pray or fast or wear hijab; one that agrees with the Israeli occupation of Palestine, one that support Bombing of Cluster Bombs, Daisy Cutter Bombs on Innocent civilains and usage of vacuum Bombs to absorb Oxygen,one that thinks cutting off a thief's hand is barbaric and one that thinks Islam is primitive and backward? If there was, in what category would be place the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)? Would we say he is a moderate, a liberal, an extremist, a fanatic, a terrorist, a fundamentalist? He certainly would not be a moderate or liberal since he ordered 600-700 Jewish males to be beheaded in Madinah after the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayzah betrayed the Muslims and stabbed them in the back. He also fought in 27 battles (Ghazwas) for the sake of Allah. Are we now going to call him a terrorist as well?
Good luck to you in what you believe in. Taliban may not agree with you but they respect your right to hold those opinions, without saying you extremist.

Managing to prove what they are claiming is a horrendous lie in the same paragraph certainly takes some doing - and they do it time and time again.
Very definately an irony free zone.

PS. In answer to the above question posed by Mullah Abdul Qahar Muntaqim (the sites creator) as to would I call Muhammed a terrorist - based on the evidence the good Mullah has cited the answer would have to be a yes.
It's time to Fear Allah

Fear-Allah.com is a rather badly put together site which stops just short of calling for the slaughter of non-muslims - while linking to plenty of sites which have no such retisence. It contains the usual disclaimers that all they want is love and peace - while at the same time gleefully promoting terrorism and death. This double standard is like a site claiming to be in favour of child protection linking to child pornography - but it's what we have come to expect from the online jihadi cheerleaders.

Interestingly their host is London based Webstar who look to be a pretty professional outfit and their client list is certainly very impressive - Deutsche Bank don't just throw contracts about to anyone. Among their clients is the Muslim Council of Britain - the main body which represents moderate muslims in the UK. Do they, or indeed Deutsche Bank, want to be publically linked with the jihadi rantings of the likes of azzam and kavkaz? Drop them a line and ask. MCB email and Deutsche Bank email
Jihad-Unspun plays Allah Says

"Bruce Kennedy" is in full rant mode over at Jihadunspun.com. In his latest whinge about the injustices that he and allah face every day his Jihadi bretheren at azzam come in for another tongue lashing. Playing the fun for all the familly Jihadi game of "Allah says" he condemns azzam to eternal hell for various violations of the games rules such as arrogance, backbiting and evil talk. Bad news for them but great news for us - as Bruce points out " The only thing this mud slinging hurts is the Ummah and the Jewish vigilante groups had a heyday with this latest attack by Azzam, as I am sure the authorities did too, as they perceive success in getting the Muslims fighting amongst themselves. ". As predicted in our satire of their site - Bruce views the cause of all the worlds woes as "Der Jude". Sorry to dissapoint you Bruce but while a few of our spotters are Jewish the majority of us here are not. Your opponents are a very diverse bunch from all sorts of faiths, cultures and races. Of course Jewish groups object to your hatefilled site, because along with the vast majority of humanity they're not terribly keen on terrorists killing people.

Some of the piece is genuinely useful. His rebuttal of Azzams statements alledging JUS is a CIA front is pretty much on the nail - so the excuse used by many terrorist friendly web hosts that "the authorities" want terror sites online is once again shown to be total tosh - this time by the Jihadis themselves. JUS have also exposed the crude photoshopped picture of a US soldier as a fake - cheers Bruce, one less job for us to do. He also points out that Azzam have the dirt on them - "Well, considering they know our real names, our locations and our credit card numbers which they have profited by using, we would like a refund. If they are convinced we are the CIA, they surely wouldn’t want to use our money!!". If Azzam would like to publish this information then it would be much appreciated.

Towards the end of the piece Bruce plants his islamic flag in the sand - We do not serve Azzam or Maktabah Al Ansaar – we serve Allah and Allah alone. With or without these brothers, JUS will continue to expand our efforts and fight the righteous Jihad as long as Allah wills it and we have breath in our bodies.

Well that sums it up quite nicely - lets hope that Canada finally get the message that "Bruce" and co are a terrorist threat and deserving of the hospitallity of the Canadian prison system.


Competition Time

Sheikh Ahmad Yassin - spiritual head of the terrorist group Hamas is not widely known for his photogenic qualities. We'd like to know if any readers can top either of these photos for the elusive "completely bonkers" factor that Yassin brings to the budding photographer. If you have a link to a suitable photo of everyones favourite murderers mullah then please e-mail the link to us. Please include in your mail who you want the credit to go to and any site/email address you want us to publish with the photo. The person who submits the best photo will win an all expenses paid trip to paradise including 72 virgins and all the zam zam you can drink*.

From the BBCi Site

From the IDF site

*Entry to paradise is subject to availability and offer is only open to violent bearded muslim males who will kill themselves for allah prior to taking up their prize. Employees of Hamas, IJ, A-aMB, Hiz, Al Qaeda and affiliated organisations are not eligable to enter. Allah's decision is final.
Competition Update - Twins?

Johnathan Galt has sent in a tramptastic piccy of Yassin not looking at his best and brightest.

He also points out the fact that Tolkien's evil wizard Saruman could well be a long lost twin of our favourite facially challenged mass murderer.

Sadly Johnathan does not qualify for our star prize as he not only has no intention of blowing himself up among infidels for allah but actively tries to stop people doing this. You can find details of this bizarre unislamic viewpoint on his websites here and here
Aaron's entry is a classic - you can view the photos here as he tells a tale of love turned sour for our righteous slaughterer of the meek. Sadly Aaron is also unwilling to dance to the tune of "killing for Allah" and insists on trying to prevent innocent people being killed so our star prize is still up for grabs.
A Little Confusion at the BBC?

While looking into another story we came across an interesting article in the BBCi archives. Written on the 6th December 2001 the analisys piece looks at who can be defined a terrorist in light of US President Bush's "with us or with the terrorists" speech. The author was Allan Little a highly respected BBC veteran of 20 years whose CV as a foreign correspondant includes Rwanda, Bosnia and the first Gulf War. The most interesting part of the article is reprinted below.

Among Palestinians, Hamas recruits suicide bombers among the faithful in the mosques, and among the dispossessed in the Islamic organisations.
Hamas talent-spotters "scout" for new recruits. They set the most likely candidates tasks to test the strength of their nerves under pressure.
The father of one young suicide bomber, who blew himself up killing two Israeli soldiers, told us he had no idea his son was a supporter of Hamas until after the attack had taken place.
"I am proud of what he did. He did it for God and our people," he said.
The dead boy is a martyr in his community. His parents are venerated for their sacrifice.
What Hamas do is terrorism by any definition - the deliberate murder of the innocent, civilian and military alike, in pursuit of political objectives.

Say what? "Terrorism by any definition" - surely some mistake? This link is a search of the BBCi archives on Hamas. They are militants, extremists, a movement, a group, activists - but never terrorists. So while Allans piece is quite correct in saying that even a bumbling cretin on crack could not fail to realise that Hamas were terrorists he did not factor in the depths of hypocritical stupidity that exists between the ears of the BBCi news editorial team.

Anyone who wishes to point this out to them (politely of course) may do so on this page