Pakistan takes down 9 more al-Qaeda terrorists

9 terrorists inlcuding including two naturalized Canadians and three naturalized Americans have been captured by Pakistani police. Full story at yahoo

This is the latest in a string of arrests worldwide - lets keep it going. The only way to deal with terrorists is with an iron fist in an iron glove.
(Another) Self-awareness free zone from Al-Muj

Al-Muhajiroun produce another classic press release complaining about being taken to court for simply "being muslim"..erm and breaking a few laws..but lets not dwell on that. The prize for self-awareness free statement of the year goes to the following excerpt -

Coupled with the fact that Israelis celebrated the existence of the pirate State of Israel in the square earlier this year without any threats of banning them, but rather with full and open permission and the fact that Homosexuals are also always welcome to pedal their perverted ideas publicly, Ken Livingstones’ objections (in the press and in a letter to Al-Muhajiroun) to the Rally as being anti-semitic and homophobic are not only false but clear discrimination against Islam and Muslims to express their views on these subjects openly.

I don't know - whats the world coming to? They let a load of homos and jew-boys parade around and then when the nice jihadis complain about it they falsly accuse them of being homophobic and anti-semitic for simply expressing homophobic and anti-semitic sentiments...

No doubt Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri Muhammed will have plenty to say on the subject (in their usual tollerant manner) so if you spot anything then mail in the links.


Various terrorists/funders/promoters captured/indited in the USA

14 arrests in the USA. Plus traitor/Arab News columnist David Duke convicted of fraud. Aaron's online haganah has the details here, here and here


Plus 7 more arrested in the UK - details via the BBC here.

Solly Ezekiel has created a Java automated Muslamic rant generator over at GedankenPundit. Using all the favourite phrases that eminate from the Religion of Peace's mosques every Friday around the middle east such as "tyrannical Crusaders", "usurper Jews", "freeze the blood in their veins" etc. it automatically creates eirilly accurate rants which could quite easilly have come from your favourite Cheerleader of Death. All it lacks is a "by" section - "by my mothers beard", "by the prophets broad buttocks" etc..maybe one for the mark 2 version.

Inspired by Sollys space shuttle equations and based on the shambles that league tables have created for British schools I have devised an equation to allow our friends in Saudi to organise league tables of their favourite ranters to track their ROI. The equation includes a weighting for the all important "inspirational beard" factor.(Imam's take note - whatever your wives say 6 cms does not class as well-bearded)

r = n*(c+a)


r = rant coverage factor
n = the number of references to Jews, crusaders, Americans, infidels etc
c = column cm's in the Arab press reporting the rant
a = airtime in minutes on Arab TV covering the rant


q = ((b/8)*r)/f


q = rant quality index
r = rant coverage factor
b = the length of the imams beard in cm
f = annual funding by the Saudi Royal family in $US 1,000s

With luck if the system is adopted they'll be so busy railling against "that bastard in Gaza who knocked me off the number 3 spot" they won't notice while we make short work of Iraq.
Saddam borrowing dope from Dutch weapons inspectors?

Charles who runs LGF found this gem of an article in which the 'tache claims that Sean Penn has confirmed that Iraq is entirely free of weapons of mass destruction. Nice going for a guy who's been there for a couple of days, spent most of the time in his hotel room and wouldn't know a heavy water plant from a Badoit bottling plant. Questions must be asked of Kofi - If it's this easy why did we bother sending, at great expense, all these S&M experts in their leather UN gear?

I initially assumed the article was a not particularly sidesplitting satire..but against the odds its genuine. The paper in question is the Iraq Daily - trumpeting the truth to the world since the last editor got executed. Its a brilliant combination of contradictions, with most articles trying to stress that Iraq is peaceful, tollerant and loving while reminding people that anyone who says otherwise will be slaughtered and the enemies of Iraq will die screaming under the iron boot of the armies of Allah.

In one particualarly controversial volte-face Tariq Aziz has claimed that Allied forces will be greeted with "bullets not flowers" in this story. Bit of a change of tactics from last time then, when it was mainly white flags that greeted the Allied troops..and indeed the Italian journalists, unmanned spy planes, stray camels, stray cats and a well fed and bad tempered gerbil that they tried to surrender to. (OK maybe not the animals - I've obviously been affected by drinking from Saddam's Well of Truth). Iraq Daily is a definate addition to the daily google searchs - a must for those who want the righteous truth free from the corruption of the infidel aggressors (may Allah strike them with the flatulence of a thousand camels etc etc ad-infinitum.)

Incidentaly, in related news the UN announced that Kylie will be inspecting the Iranian nuclear facilities and that negotiations to scale back the North Korean nuclear program will be conducted by a multi-natonal group of Teletubbies.

UPDATE:- The spoilsports at the Iraqi Ministry of Truth and Torture seem to be nulrouting all traffic from the Devilspawned Infidel countries as of 16:00 GMT - We'll leave the links in place in case they change their mind

UPDATED UPDATE:- Looks like it was justa powercut chez Saddam..links working again
Blair to host conference on PA reform

The Jerusalem post has run a story on a conference that is to be hosted in London by Tony Blair next month on reform of PA in the west bank and gaza. Details of the article here. The jpost is not exactly keen on the idea but as a Briton and a friend of Israel I am. We have stayed out of direct intervention in the issue for too long and this has allowed us to become marginalised in the debate. The pro-terrorists in the EU have taken control of Europe, not seeking to deal with the issues, but ony to condemn Israel and sanctify the terrorists and their backers in the PA. A conference of this nature, hosted by Britain, will force our government to ask the questions that the rest of the EU does not - where does EU funding go, what progress have you made towards genuine democracy, what steps have you taken to stop terrorism, what further steps will you take, when will you take them, why not tomorrow?

With the pals track record any "road to damascus", or in the case of PA cooperation with Hizb'Allah "road away from damascus", is not that likely. If they suddenly stop terrorism and all is well with the world then great. If the PLO lie and deceive and stall then our government no longer have any excuse for not viewing the Israeli government as just another ally in the war on terror. Either way I hope the people of Israel and Britain will be closer as a result.


Hamas rally details

The IDF have put together a powerpoint presentation of details of the recent Hamas rally and the PA's complicity in it. You may download it by right clicking here and clicking "save target as" then once it has downloaded click open. If you do not have a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer you can download the viewer for free on this page. This will allow you to view all Powerpoint presentations in future.
IJ/Hamas students whine about Terror U being closed for a day


Unfortunately Islamic-block - the Hamas/IJ students union website at the University of Death in Nablus is back online. Their headline article is a whinge about how the nasty Jews shut them down to search for explosives stored on their premises and that its not fair that their rights to be trained in suicide bombing are being curtailed. However the splodeydope spokesterrorists were unable to hold back from proclaiming how it was to their credit that the IDF knew that the place was crawling with terrorists becuase they were indeed the headquarters of student terrorist training in the west bank - and proud of it too.

Next time - clear the buildings, establish a security cordon and then level the place - please.
IJ/Hamas students whine about Terror U being closed for a day


Machine Translation of the statement from An Najah University

The Zionist army the university of the national success the students hold sway over her departure

In Nablus the administration gave time a half an hour he wrote the word "only" after the total for the vacating of the university from the students. The eyewitness and some of students confirmed the rising of the soldiers by the entry to the university sanctuary heavily armed with tear gas.

The council of the student union [Hamas and Islamic Jihad] disapproved of the rising of the Zionist army in the university by the profanation of the university sanctity contrary to entirely the charters and the human and national standards the council considered this new profanation an army of occupation comes within the direct diathesis from for the university and the educational operation he became responsible for the carriers of the libel and the student frightening and their prevention from their natural hollow in the scientific collection in the same manner as all the students in the world.

Petiton the entire council of the students the corporations and the institutions and the local and national human and juristic organizations for condemnation of this aggression on the sanctuary of the national success university and the work on the lack of its repitition from the Zionist army.

Notable mature the Zionist army he considers a principal stronghold the university of the national success for the movement of the Islamic resistance / an enthusiasm which commands the council of the students in her where this breaking in synchronizes with the memory of the fifteenth movement dash.
First Canadian to publicly break the law prohibiting Hizb'Allah donations

Tarek Fatah has gone on record as donating to Hizb'Allah - the first terrorist supporter to do so since the ban on the group came into effect. In the Toronto Star he publicly challenges the Canadian security service, CSIS, to arrest him. Lets help this happen. Drop the PM of Canada a line and let him know that we expect Canada to enforce its anti-terror laws and copy Tarek in on the mail.

You can contact Tarek by email here and you can contact the office of Canadian PM Jean Chrétien by email here


Explosive rhetoric?

In an article about multicultural Britain on the thisisWiltshire website either poor grammar or poor editing provides us with this quote under the subheading "Muslims are not extremists"

"When you look at other religions, the practice their way of life and their culture and it doesn't get that much attention but when it comes to Islam everything is blown up."

(yes we know, religion of peace, etc....it's a bit of fun ok?)
WOT update - Japan enters the war (on our side)

The Japanese Navy have sent an Aegis destroyer to assist in the allied war on terrorism. The Kirishima, a 7250-tonne air-defence destroyer, will initially deploy to the Indian Ocean. Although Japan has a pacafist constitution after WW2 the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yasuo Fukuda, explained that the deployment was working for the international good and did not violate Japan's non-aggression laws. Japans commitment to the war on terror comes in addition to that of the other ex-foe, Germany - who despite their Chancellors anti-war rhetoric have a number of frigates operating as part of Task Force 150 around the Horn of Africa. The Spanish commanded group was responsible for the capture and subsequent release of Scud missiles bound for Yemen last week.

Meanwhile we are preparing to send the Ark Royal's carrier group to the gulf along with 20,000 troops as part of the buildup for the campaign to free Iraq. The current official position is that the group is heading for South East Asia to conduct exercises with Australia and Singapore - however it will be passing the gulf at the time when hostillities are likely to commence in early 2003 so the odds of it making it to Sydney without a detour via the gulf are pretty slim.


CIA Authorised to kill terrorists

Good stuff. Faster, please.
Hizb'Allah makes it too easy

Missed it first time around - from here