Travel Alert - Indonesia

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a warning against visiting places of worship known to be frequented by foreigners in Indonesia over Christmas. Details here
End of year awards

Terror appologist of the year - Robert Fisk, simply head and shoulders above the rest of the field

Ranter of the year - Shaykh Abd-al-Razzaq al-Sa'di for his consistency in calling for the Zionist-Crusader Alliance to have various umpleasantnesses befall them, generally involving lots of blood freezing in veins and ground shaking beneath our feet. (Comin at ya live and unscensored from the Mother of All Battles mosque in Baghdad every Friday)

Slogan of the year - "Down with Beauty!" - the war cry of the Nigerian muslims as they set about hacking and slashing Christians in response to the Miss World contest

Website of the year - Lots of competition but taliban-online just takes it with their hilarious "don't be thinking we are extremist or we'll chop your head off" guide to the joys of 7th century living.

If you favour a more democratic approach there is still time to vote for the Robert Fisk Award for Idiotarian of the Year over at Little Green Footballs - make your voice heard!

Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all our readers.