Al-muj offline

Omar Bakri Muhammed's gang of UK jihadis at Al-Muhajiroun are offline - no trace anywhere...lets hope this is a long term situation
Ask the Imam - that is, if you like S&M and genocide

Mufti Ebrahim Desai, a muslic "cleric" is giving out advice to the impressionable in South Africa.

We get an idea of the mans compasion for his fellow man when tackled with a tricky question regarding Nazi genoicide. "many muslims priase Hitler for killing jews, shoud they or are they wrong?" Now thats a tricky one genocide-good/genocide-bad is something all non-muslamic religous leaders always struggle to answer. Not our man - straight to the point.

"Islam has ordered us Muslims to fight against the enemies of Islam and not be like the Jew and make other nations fight their wars. We as Muslims may share in Hitlers hatered for the Jews but we cannot praise him for the manner in which he went about killing the jews (if the history books are correct). But rather we as Muslims are governed by the Shariah which prohibit the killing the old and the weak etc. and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best "

You tell tham big fella, no gas chambers for the elderly with this guy in charge, pressumably provided they promise to die soon anyway. But the wise one isn't just a dab hand when it comes to the morals of mass murder. Give him him a thorny personal issue and he's just as compassionate. When a confused young muslim comes to him with this delicate issue "My father raped my mother and she married him.He did not raise me. What is my obligation to him? Neither of my parents were Muslim when this happened. They divoced and my mother became Muslim alhamdulillah. I have only met him once. Please help." his special brand of compassion leaps into action to assist this distressed young person looking for help.

"As a son, you are duty bound to respect him. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) said, ‘The pleasure of Allah is in the pleasure of the father. and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best’

Once again the Imam cuts through the emotive nonsence and gets to the heart of the matter - stop whining about who raped who and show some respect for your father boy. But don't thinks its all burquas and fasting back at the Desai ranch..even the those with genocide and rape to justify have to chill out sometimes.

Hi particular method of relaxing can be gleaned by the following question and answer- and after a hard day at the fatwa factory who can blame him. "Im a man who desires to be beaten up during sex (BDSM) is it Islamically correct to do it??"

Well the big fella doesn't want to be given a one way ticket to hell for what he gets off on at home and as if by magic Allah comes through for him.

"Every form of permissible intimacy between the husband and wife is a mutual
one with mutual understanding and agreement. If the husband and wife
mutually agree on "BDSM", that is their choice, for which there is no
prohibition in Shariah. and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Listening to Britney Spears really pisses Allah off but dressing up as her and getting your arse spanked is just fine and dandy - what were the odds eh? - this guy really knows his muslamic law. So there you have it - Mufti Ebrahim Desai in his own words. He was a Senior Lecturer at Darul Uloom Ta’leemuddin, Isipingo Beach and head of the Fatwa Department of the Jamiat ul Ulama (KZN). He is based at Madrasah In’aamiyya, Camperdown, Kwa Zulu Natal (South Africa).

Madrasah In’aamiyya, Camperdown
P. O. Box 39
Kwa Zulu Natal – South Africa
Tel: +27 31 7851239
(Direct line to the Darul Ifta from 10 AM to 1 PM – SA time)
Fax: +27 31 7851091

Why not show some support to our favourite supporter of basic human rights like genocide, rape and getting a good spanking. Those wishing to support his works from outside SA can get in touch at Alinaam@yebo.co.za and ask-imam@islam.tc . Any South africans may wish give the above numbers a call to leave a personal message of support.

To further support this worthy cause why not have a word with the good people at Pacific Bell who are hosting this valuable resource. Drop them a line at abuse@pacbell.net and support@pacbell.net and mention that we really think its great they are hosting www.islam.tc at the IP address - after all without them how would the misguided gain enlightenment about the best ways to justify genocide and rape and most importantly the correct muslamic way to take a good spanking?
Yahoo deletes terrorist poisoning manual

Terrorists spreading their expertise to other jihadis on the internet is an increasing problem. A geocities site which was spotted by Jeremy Reynalds contained a "Mujahadeen Guide to Poisons" which gave detailed instructions on how to prepare and administer various lethal substances to non-muslims. Following complaints by ourselves and others the site has been deleted and the jihadi's who are out to kills us are without that particular detailed resource.

Good work Jeremy and yahoo!


Nuclear bullets?

Apparently we've been using nuclear bullets in Afghanistan...a mushroom cloud with every jihadi killed or your money back. It's called depleted uranium and it's not "nuclear" it's just damned hard, so we use it in AP rounds you muppets. The latest in jihadunspuns commitment to bringing you total bollocks from around the muslamic world. DU has it's share of critics but in the meantime...if you don't want DU rounds fired at you then don't put Britain or the USA in a position where we are forced to fire them at you..how hard is it to figure out?
Chechen terrorists online - going down

The various online outlets for the Chechen terrorists who murdered nearly 100 people two weeks ago are, we have been assured, about to go bye-bye. Thanks to the host (who will remain nameless) for taking the time to look through their murderous propaganda and promising to pull the plug. We'll publish the sites details once they are safely sent off into the ether.

The moral of this story - ethical hosts don't knowingly host terrorist websites - and yes, that glare is aimed at you fasthosts for your continued hosting of over 5 pro-terrorist sites. Sort it out.
Work in progress - we're getting there

We now have a good deal of evidence from various sources on Canadian traitor Bev Giesbrecht, the person behind the terrorism funding Jihadunspun group of websites. Those who have provided financing and support to her will be publically identified over the next few months, in the meantime..nah..let 'em sweat.


Got another one

After the capture of 6 terrorists plotting to commit an attack with the deadly and untreatable ricin poison the chaps at Special Branch and Military Intelligence have got another one. So next time someone whines about not providing 5 halal meals a day for these bastards infringing their human rights..remember..good old fashioned British interogation methods save lives.

Good job guys.
Abu Hamza's forum of hate

UK based terrorist-in-chief Abu Hamza, who recently brought us the command to all UK muslims to "shoot and loot" British institutions which deal in usury (or banks as civilized people call them) has his own little corner of the internet in which his little jihadi followers can vent their bile.

With such charming missives as "May Allaah break your teeth and your fingers and blind you!" and "O you Muslim send your wealth Fe sabillillah, even for a one bullet" it's your usual peace and love fest that you would expect from the Religion of Peace. The main site the forum is tagged on to is http://www.muslimeen.co.uk which is hosted by Donhost ( sales email Acceptable use policy ) at IP addy

Incidentally one of the most vitriolic posters is an Aussie going by the name of Elizabeth Thompson ( email addy Beautiful_Pakistan2003@yahoo.com.au. If anyone has any info on any websites this individual may run then please drop us a mail.
Missing boy in London

Someone at violent London based jihadi group Al-Muhajiroun has lost a child. The kid apparently has learning difficulties and has been missing since the 2nd of Jan. He looks like this:-

If any readers see him then give the police a call.
Their page on this is here

Right, I think thats duty done for asserting moral superiority for this year. Perhaps when he's found and returned to them by the evil "kaffir" police they will stop trying to kill us all...oh no, that would require them having an ounce of humanity and not declaring on the same page their war on secularism (pdf document) . Bloody animals.


Pure Evil

Nablus has given birth to disgusting evil inhuman creatures yet again. At least 22 innocent Israelis, decent people going about their business, are dead tonight in Tel Aviv at the hands of inhuman islamic terrorists. May G-d welcome them into His kingdom and may their killers enjoy an eternity of what they are deserving of.

I was quite hopeful when I returned to the keyboard..a lot changes in a few hours.

One thing that this does remind me of is the unity of the allies. We are all Israeli, we are all British, we are all American, we are all Australian. They will not win and tonight every nation which values democracy and decency stands with our friends in Israel, mouring their loss and saluting their steadfastness and courage. The dark shadow of the shar'ia will not envelope our lands while good men and women have breath in their bodies. We're fighting for what is good...we will not lose.
Back from the hols..much to say

It's been a great break, very relaxing and refreshing. I came back to a backlog of mail on various issues which I will work my way through. First on the list is a rather bizzare article residing on CAIR's website. You can read it here and it is a very odd read. The only conclusion I can draw from it is that they think that Christians should get out of Muslim countries. Far be it from me to point out the obvious but..no I don't even have to go there. Any organisation that claims to represent muslims in the West..sort your shit out. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and in 2003 that's the way we are playing it. You discriminate against my freedom and we discriminate back. I have had it up to my neck with intollerant bigotted idiots telling me who I can and can't criticise. And for good measure that goes for fundy Christians and Jews too..as a Christian I'm sick off all this rubbish..either our religion promotes understanding and peace or it's worthless. Mine does as far as I'm concerned and my many Jewish and Christian friends agree.

A slightly grumpy new years message but c'est la vie c'est la guerre..I'm sure it's going to be a great one for us all.

Happy New Year to my Christian friends and Shabbat Shalom to my Jewish friends