Al Muhajiroun going down?

We've had some unconfirmed reports that Al Muhajiroun jihadis are to be evicted from Finsbury Park mosque today....their site is still offline so maybe Britain is finally about to be rid of this cancerous growth...watch this space

UPDATE: - the BBC are now running the story here


RIP Detective Constable Stephen Oake - a British hero

The officer killed by a muslim terrorist in Manchester has been identified as DC Stephen Oake. DC Oake was 40 years old and is survived by his wife Lesley and their 3 children Christopher (15), Rebecca (14) and Corinne (12). Tactical support officers wearing stab proof vests, who entered the flat first, came under attack from a terrorist wielding a knife. Despite the fact that he was not wearing body armour DC Oake went to the aid of his colleagues and was fatally stabbed in the chest by the terrorist.

Britain has lost a good officer and three children have lost their father in the cause of stopping terrorists murdering British people. May he rest in peace.


British Police Officer killed by terrorists

One police officer has been killed and 4 others injured in an anti-terrorist raid in Manchester. The BBC is carrying the initial report here. The officer, who was part of a Greater Manchester Police raid on terrorists is understood to have been stabbed in the chest.

Our thoughts are with the familly of the officer who was killed by these people.