More Al-Muhajiroun members to look into

Sajid Sharif, Abdul Rehman Saleem, Omar Brooks, Jalal Hussain, Muhammad Shams-ud-Deen, Babar Mirza, Hamza Lawrence

Lets see what the usual tools turn up.

Al Muj back up at the UK's premier Terror-Host

Al-qaeda's UK branch, Al-Muhajiroun are back online. They have moved the terrorists webhost of choice in the UK - Fasthosts. As a reminder this is Fasthosts current roll of shame.

http://www.shareeah.com/ @ - Abu Hamza al Masri's "Supporters of Sharia" terror site.
http://www.h4palestine.com/ @ - Hackerz4Palestine - provides "how to" guides for islamist cyber-terrorists
http://www.waaqiah.com/ @ - Azzam publications - Al Qaeda's english language news agency
http://www.almuhajiroun.com/ @ - Al-Muhajiroun - Al Qaeda's UK front organisation

Fasthosts Internet Limited
Suite 7, Discovery Court
154 Southgate Street
Gloucester, GL1 2EX
phone: +44 1452 541251
fax: +44 1452 541633

abuse email abuse@fasthosts.co.uk

Incidentally Fasthosts claim they are operating the sites under instruction from "the authorities" but refuse to say which ones and of course we know what a great track record they have on cooperation with authority....just ask Gloucestershire Trading Standards Authority who raided their offices last year in one of the many cases they have had against them


Chechen terrorists move to Lithuania

Aaron noticed that Movladi Udugov's terrorist site at kavkazcenter.com is back up in Lithuania. The hosts have been contacted and the FSB informed but the more mails the merrier. Aaron's Online Haganah has the details here
UK shia's get in on the act

Want to support Hizb'Allah terrorism? Fancy propping up the oppresive regime of the mullars in Iran? The good people at the Islamic Centrer of England make it easy..just send them the cash and they'll make sure your money goes to fund terrorist attacks or pays for rope to hang a young man for having a beer...

For Sadaqat/ Zakat Fitra/ Zakat:

Islamic Center of England - London
IMDAD Account
Account number: 21075361
Habibsons Bank Limited
55-56 St. James's street, London, SW1A 1LA, UK

For Wujoohat / khums:

Islamic Center of England - London
Wujoohat Account
Account number: 21075377
Habibsons Bank Limited
55-56 St. James's street, London, SW1A 1LA, UK

Not convinced that your money will go to support hizb terrorists or the mad mullars? Check out their Ayatolla fan pages and their all you need guide to the internet which features all the links a good shia jihadi could need.

Perhaps Habibisons Bank need to be more choosy about their customers...I'm sure the fact that they are based in Pakistan will only hasten their cooperation


Too funny

A pic from yesterdays raid captures a couple of muslims who insisted on doing ground kissing in the street. The caption for the officers has to be "WTF?"

Get used to bowing before British security forces boys..there is going to be a lot more of it :-)

Reminder to shoppers

As the terror lovers call for boycotts against businesses that support Israel we'd like to remind people that much better than their loony tactics and placard waving is shopping sensibly.

When you buy goods look for the following labels "Product of the UK", "Product of the USA", "Product of Australia" and "Product of Israel". If you see one of those labels then buying that item is helping to support countries that proactively stop terrorists.

Please, when you are shopping, help to stop terror by buying goods from Allied countries.


5 jihad sites down

The Kavkaz family of terror sites are down. The sites, kavkazcenter.com, kavkazcenter.net, kavkazcenter.info, kavkaz.org.uk and kavkaz.tv, have all been shut down by the host, who wishes to remain anonymous. This was due to a great team effort from all the volunteers working with Online Hagana [which includes myself :-) ], great job everyone and nice to see the people who were resposible for the Moscow theatre attack and the attack on the Chechen parliament which claimed around 300 lives between them unable to spread their message of terror online.

If anyone at the FSB (russian security service) wants to send me a decent bottle of wine them I'm sure you can find the address :-).
Jihadi's say the strangest things

Interviewed on Channel 4 news about the raid on the terrorist training centre (mosque) in Finsbury Park, Omar Bakri Muhammad spouted his usual guff about "opposing the evils of man made laws and establishing islamic rule" as Al-muhajiroun's core quest. As the debate went back and forth the presenter (Jon Snow) made the point that the mosque was raided because it was a haven for terrorists. OBM's response was "If anyone like that was in the mosque we would be the first people to put a stop to it. We are law abiding people and the mosque is a place of prayer.".....law abiding??...more effort needed on your consistency when you contradict yourself in a 5 minute debate.

On a side note the Muslim Council of Britain guy they had on had a good go at OBM but still complained about the raid..sort yourselves out guys.."either you are with us or you are with the terrorists" was not a joke.
Bye bye Captain Hook

Finsbury park mosque has at last been raided by British security forces...it's been a long time coming. 7 identified terrorists have been captured in the raid which was based on intelligence related to the ricin mass-murder plot.

As Margaret Thatcher said when we won the Falklands War..rejoice, rejoice.

This ones for you Stephen.

Incidentally a japanese surfer who visited the site allerted me to the fact that a google search for "get rid of abu hamza from the UK" returns this site in the No 1 position - which is nice :-)