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ROPMA (Religion of Peace - My Ass!) is the site of an American patriot who is concerned about the creeping islamification of his great nation. The site is now available on the links on the left under ROPMA.net. Among the many fascinating articles on his site is the tale of the Reverand Mark Harding, who I have spoken to several times without knowing the hell he had been through in the cause of showing the teachings of islam for what they are. The story is here and reveals that Canada, a country which prides itself on tolerance, sentanced a minister of Christ to community service which included forced indoctrination into the muslim cult (for the whiners its a cult not a religion because its members must kill any cultist who leaves so save your complaints for someone who cares).

Might you be next? If you highlight the genocide of Christians in Sudan will you be dragged off to a islamic indoctrination camp by your goverment? If you point out that muhammed was a paedophile who abused a 9 year old child will you be sentenced to 5 years of brainwashing in a madrassa?

We don't have to guess what will happen to our societies if we let sentances like this happen, we can see in graphic detail what happened to Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia and countless countries that let muslims seize power. If you don't think the free world is under threat, then ask the Reverand Mark Harding, he knows.
Whats a muslim to do?

More muslamic contradictions from the Young Muslims UK - this time on the thorny issue of the impending departure of Abu "Don't let me near the explosives" Hamza. Some of the YMUK have obviously not been sufficiently brainwashed into thinking that every muslim is above criticism....fortunately their better indoctrinated chums are there to point our their mistakes. The accurate comment "One way or another, Captain Hook's time is up." Is met with "If this is what you call islaam, then akkh, tell me were in the seerah of the Prophet you have the daleel to back up your harshness against the Muslims? go learn the deen, no doubt you would be the first to rejoice should he be sent back to yemen, where the govt is known to abuse our brothers and kill them!". Someone then points out the inherent hypocrisy that is the islamic mind set - The govt in Yemen also consists of our "brothers".

There are a few genuinely amusing exchanges on the thread such as this comment from a moderator "Quote peredur:Profile of Captain Hook Brother, there is no need to make fun of him like that. Wasalam." to which the naughty muslim who dared to make fun of a fello muslim responds "He behaves like a pantomime baddie and merits the name of one." Also the discussion about Abu Hamzas Newsnight interview provoked this exchange "is that the one where paxo asks him why he wants to live here and he says hes stuck in a toilet and theres a minefield outside?" which got this response - Yep, that's the one. Obviously endearing himself to the British populace is very low on his priorities list.

What conclusions can we draw from this exchange? It would seem to me that the more devout muslims who have studied the Qu'ran and Hadiths extensively support Captain Hook and those whose western education has allowed them the mentally rebel against the control freakery of islam provide common sense and wit. If any muslim should find themselves in the latter category then I would urge them to consider looking at other faiths that are more compatible with the modern world.

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5th column watch

Young Muslims UK, the youth wing of the Islamic Society of Britain is supposedly the face of "moderate" muslims in the UK. Their organisation purports to stand for peaceful integration of muslims into British society and claims to be anti-extremist. Their forum, however, features a gleefull celebration of the loss of the Columbia, with the few voices of compassion being shut down not by other members but by the moderators who work for YMUK. I'm sure we can all feel confident that nothing sinister will be going on at their Youth Training Camp to be held near Linclon in March.....
Islamic double standards? Surely not.

Mosque tallys in the US in an effort to prevent muslim terrorists killing innocent people are vicous, oppressive and hugely unfair according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations in one of their near constant whines. When it comes to protecting the Kabba from terrorists however, things are very different. Our "allies" the Saudis vowed to use "an iron fist" against any terrorist group trying to disrupt the annual pilgrimage to mecca. So apparently using massive force against terrorists is ok, but only as long as they threaten mecca...hmmmm.


Help to fight bio-terrorism using your PC

The United States Department of Defense need your help to combat the muslim bio-terrorists who may attack using smallpox bacteria or anthrax. In a disributed research project using the same technology as that which is being used to research potential cures for cancer YOU can help to find cures for terror weapons using the PatriotGrid software. The software is completely secure and tried and tested - full details available here. It uses spare processing capacity and also kicks in when you are away from your PC, I've tried it out and have seen no degradation of performance. You are sent "jobs" which are automatically processed by the software, when the are done the data is sent back to the nerve centre of the project and you are sent another task to complete. It also has cool sciencey graphics which show you what it's currently analysing - plus all the research is tracked and you get the credit if its your PC that makes the breakthrough that comes up with an antidote to smallpox or anthrax.

All you need to do is download the software from grid.org from this page and then once you have registered the software click here and click the "join this team" button to join the Allies Against Terrorism team.

Welcome to the fight against terrorism :-)


Why is this evil man still free?

Harbouring terrorists, planning terrorist attacks, calling for the murder of our Prime Minister and his latest outrage - celebrating the loss of the Columbia. What does this evil jihadi have to do to be arrested, deported and shot by the Egyptian government where he is under sentance of death for terrorism? Our Prime Minister has provided strong and resolute leadership in the war on terrorism, please let him have the courage to act against Abu Hamza and his al qaeda front group Al Muahjiroun.


In loving memory

May they rest in peace.