Jihadunspun - out for the count?

Terror sites have been dropping like flys over the last few weeks, Aarons online haganah has the details of the latest wins, and I've just noticed that jihadunspun is offline. We do know that Datacrafters IT manager left two days ago in disgust at the terrorist goings on and as a patriot did a little "reconfiguring" before he left, so this may be the cause rather than Cable and Wireless Germany pulling the plug. Time will tell but lets hope our favourite Canadian muslim traitor has finally been taken out, rumour has it that the RCMP want to have a word with her so maybe she's spending Valentines Day in jail.... awww..how sad ;-)
More 5th columnist umpleasantness

The more one looks into the "moderate" muslim groups in the UK, which al Guardian keeps pointing to as examples of how wonderful and patriotic muslims are really, the more concerned one becomes. This time its the turn of MPAC (The Muslim Public Affairs Committee), a muslim group dedicated to advancing the islamic agenda in Britain through lobbying. In response to the loss of the Columbia they published this article mocking the death of Ilan Ramon and actually encouraging their members to bombard NASA with letters to "Demand an explanation from NASA why they let an Israeli astronaut be at the forefront of Bush’s drive with ‘War on Iraq’ and increase hostilities between the Muslim and Christian worlds."

The rest of the site is as bad, the recurring theme seems to be "we hate Jews", which while not exactly surprising on a terror-site is worrying when these people are the "acceptable" face of islam. The link to their donations section is fed by two banner adverts at the top right, one that simply says "Do jihad" and the other showing an IDF peacekeeper restraining a rioter with the caption "It couldn't happen here could it? - don't wait to find out". As they are clearly inferring that their donations will find their way to muslim terrorists this is ovbiously a matter of concern and yet another speice of evidence that "moderate" muslims do in fact fund and support terrorism.

Obviously to counter this view they do provide a link to a page which details where the money goes - it reads "Sorry - underconstruction", obviously Hamas, Al Qaeda and Islamic Jihad have been tardy in providing receipts so they can sort out the exact figures.


Don't say I didn't warn you

Then and now. Wake up people.
Ugly terror-dwarf watch

Terror "Sheikh" Ahmed Yassin has called for worldwide attacks agianst all Westerners as soon as the liberation of Iraq begins. This article contains the relevant quotes from the vile little terror monkey demanding that "Muslims should threaten Western interests and strike them everywhere" If our friends in the IAF would deal with this particular enemy of the free world we would be most grateful, it's well overdue.
Security situation in Israel

Due to numerous warnings of imminent major terrorist attacks from various intellingence strands the IDF have announced a total lockdown of the territories until 14/02/2002. This coincides with heightened "chatter" at detailed below regarding internet attacks, which may be euphamisms for physical attacks within Israel. The IDf announcement on this may be found here.
E-jihad attack possible in the next 48 hours

The various arabic jihadi hackers groups appear to be gearing up for a major co-ordinated DDOS attack on allied servers in the next 48 hours. As a precautionary measure anyone who has responsibility for the security of their website should consider null routing traffic from muslim countries and pay close attention to any IP addresses repeatedly trying to gain access to their server. Other than pokemon.com (apparently its "zionist", but isn't everything according to the islamist nutjobs) all the named targets are Israeli but better safe than sorry.
Taking no chances

As the terror threat from muslims continues to increase the British Army is supporting security forces in protecting the capital from terrorists. Scimitar reconisance vehicles manning roadblocks in the capital is a rather strange scene but there can be no compromise in ensuring our nations security.


Time to extend the hand of friendship

After troubled times for their nations the former Yugoslavia has emerged as the new state of Serbia and Montenegro. While relations between the allied powers and serbia have been strained following the balkan war it is now time to put past differences aside and extend the hand of freindship to the new nation. A successful and free Serbia and Montenegro is the interests of all the allied powers and we should not let past umpleasantnesses stand in the way of developing trade and cultural ties with the new nation. Their government website prominantly features the slogan "Challenge. Accepted!", lets do our best to make their efforts to overcome the obstacles that they face successful.

Welcome back to the world community Serbia and Montenegro.