ITN crew still missing

Terry Lloyd and his ITN camera crew are still missing 14 hours after coming under Iraqi fire. We all pray for their safe return to continue the job they have done with courage and fortitude in very difficult conditions.
Target Baghdad Part II

16:30 GMT - A series of explosions have occured in Baghdad, air raid sirens are sounding and ack-ack has opened up.
Front line update

BBC Interactive Battle Maps

Ansar al-Islam muslim terrorists in NE Iraq have been hit by over 70 missiles. US forces have captured 2 bridges over the Euphrates. US military spokesman says southern Iraqi town of Nasiriya has fallen. US and UK forces are now confident they have taken control of Iraq's second city, Basra. Three journalists with ITN are reported missing in southern Iraq after coming under fire on their way to Basra. US troops largely secure the town of Nasiriya, with only a few pockets of resistance remaining. UK military spokesman says seven crew dead after mid-air collision involving two Royal Navy helicopters. A major tank battle is raging west of Basra between Allied forces and the Iraqi 51st division. All British ground forces are now fully engaged with enemy targets. 4 US troops have been killed in an ambush on their reconisance humvees moving ahead of the main armoured advance on Baghdad.

UPDATE the reported 4 deaths of US troops are INACCURATE. All four are injured but stable and being treated by Allied medical staff.


Zerbisias watch

Antonia is in full on whine mode over in Toronto... obviously still pissed off she couldn't get Hizb'allah unbanned. You can read her latest installments of whiney anti-Allied drivel here and then drop her newspaper's editor a line to say hi here
The Dam Busters hit the damn tyrant

RAF 617 Squadron hit Iraqi air defences in Baghdad. BBCi report here.
H2 and H3 airfields captured

US forces have captured the two major airfields in western Iraq intact. This will allow the Allies to fly in heavy armour and open up the second front denied to us by Turkish treachery. It also allows AH64's to ensure that no Scuds can be launched at Israel from the wesern Iraqi desert.
Target Baghdad

Royal Navy submarines have launched a 3rd barrage of Tomahawks at 16:35 GMT. B52's operating from the UK should be reaching Iraqi airspace at 18:00 GMT.

17:00 GMT - Sirens and ack ack have lit up over Baghdad. Several explosions are reported which may be Royal Navy cruise missiles hitting their targets. Netowrks report major Allied aircraft formations heading over the border from Kuwait.

18:10 GMT Massive explosions all over Baghdad, many palaces, ministries and the presidential compound are on fire, destroyed or severely damaged. Secondary explosions all over the city. Networks report that 25 key targets have been destroyed.
Front line update

3 Commando Royal Marines have sucessfully completed their mission to capture the Al-Faw oilfields which are described as almost totally intact. 8 Royal Marines and 4 US servicemen were killed when their helicopter crashed in a transport accident. The US armoured column to the West is over 100 miles inside Iraq and has met very little resistance. The 7th Armoured Brigade are engaging Iraqi forces in their flanking role and are reported to be meeting stiff resistance. One US Marine with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force has been killed in action engaging Iraqi forces. 8 fully loaded B52's took off from RAF Fairford at 10:30 GMT, ETA in Iraq 22:00 IST. Air raid sirens continue to sound in Kuwait City as further Scuds have been fired into the country from mobile Iraqi launchers. Allied forces are reported to have taken "hundreds" of Iraqi prisoners.


Front line update

3 Commando Royal Marines have launched an assault on the Al-faw penisular (BBC)

Update:- Royal Marines of 3 Commando have taken the beachhead on the Al-Faw penisular in an amphibious landing supported by RAF and Royal Naval aircraft. They have advanced up the penisular and taken the town of Umm Qasr. No British casualties are reported
British forces engage the enemy

British sources have confirmed that British forces are engaging multiple Iraqi targets with artillery along the Allied line of advance. The Prime Minister is to broadcast to the nation at 22:00 GMT. Allied forces made up of Royal Marines and US Marines are reported to have captured the border town of Umm Qasr just inside Iraq. RAF Tornado GR4's have hit targets in Baghdad alongside USAF F117s
MSNBC Live Camera in Baghdad

Link here (plays in Windows Media Player)

The air-raid sirens are now sounding and anti-aircraft fire has opened up.

UPDATE :- Multiple targets in Bagdhad have been hit by cruise missiles.

UPDATE :- The MSNBC camera is offline. The BBC have a real media live feed here (requires realplayer
Ground assault begins at 17:00 GMT

The US 3rd infantry division has begun engaging Iraqi troops with artillery from the north side of the DMZ. Allied ground forces are now deployed in forward battle positions. Donald Rumsefeld has called on Iraqi forces to surrender or die defending a doomed regime.

UPDATE - A Kuwaiti government spokesman has said that Kuwaiti troops are engaging Iraqi forces following this mornings Scud missile attacks.
Allied forces poised to begin the ground assault

All Allied forces have been ordered to be ready to invade Iraq as of now, 16:30 GMT. Ground forces have deployed to their final forward positions in the DMZ and are poised to cross the border. The bringing forward of the gorund assault is likely to be as a result of Iraqi attempts to burn oil wells and this mornings Scud missile attacks on Kuwait.
A message to our troops from Her Majesty


At this difficult moment in our nation's history, I would like to express my pride in you, the British service and civilian personnel deployed in the Gulf and in the vital supporting roles in this country and further afield.

I have every confidence in your professionalism and commitment as you face the challenges before you. Especially for those of you now waiting to go into action, may your mission be swift and decisive, your courage steady and true, and your conduct in the highest traditions of your service both in waging war and bringing peace.

My thoughts are with you all, and with your families and friends who wait at home for news and pray for your safe return.


Oil wells in southern Iraq possibly burned

Unconfirmed reports from arab sources claim 5 oil wells have been set alight in southern Iraq.

UPDATE 16:30 GMT : The BBC have now confirmed that 4 oil wells in southern Iraq are on fire.
Muslim terrorists hit hard in Afghanistan

Over 1000 Allied troops have launched an offensive against muslim terrorists in southern Afghanistan. No Allied casualties have been reported.
Iraq attacks Kuwait

4 Scud missiles have been fired at Kuwait by Iraqi forces in reply to the overnight cruise missile attacks aimed at the Iraqi leadership. Initial reports suggest all 4 were shot down by Patriot missile batteries. No Allied casulaties have been reported.


New terrorism advice site launched by the Home Office

The site is located at http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/terrorism/ and contains all the current advice from HM Government on keeping yourself and your familly safe from terrorism
Debka reports capture of Tareq Aziz

Debka file report that Aziz has been captured alive in Northern Iraq and is being interogated by Allied inteligence officers.

Link to Debka (Debka is getting a lot of traffic at the moment and may take a few attempts to load)


A prayer for the troops

Almighty God, watch over the men and women of the Allied Armed Forces,
Protect them from harm and lift their spirits in this time of trial,
Grant them the courage to fulfill their missions and the strength to defeat our enemies,
Fill them with your mercy for the vanquished and your love for the oppressed,
Guide them to be instruments of hope and freedom for the world,
And when Iraq is free, bring them home safely, their task complete,
In you we trust.

The defenders of freedom

We thank them for their courage to take a stand against oppression in the face of moral cowardice and corruption from lesser men

The Right Honourable Anthony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

George W. Bush, President of the United States of America

Jose Maria Aznar, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Spain

John W. Howard, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia

Aleksander Kwasniewski, President of the Republic of Poland

Advice for peaceniks by a peacenik

Libby Purves, the Times's concession to the whiny left, has a good op-ed in todays Times on what her ilk should do now that the liberation of Iraq is at hand. You may read the full article here or rely on my summary of it below.


War to be declared shortly

President Bush will tonight announce that Saddam Hussein must leave Iraq with his senior aides immediately or Allied troops will proceed to remove his regime by force. The cowardly French betrayal of the Iraqi people in the hope of making billions of euros by keeping saddam in power has made it impossible for the coalition to table a second resolution and has jepordised the existance of the UN itself. In a history that is not exactly covered in glory this will be one of the more shameful episodes in French history.
FO travel update

Due to the impending liberation of Iraq the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have ordered the immediate evacuation of British subjects from Iraq, Kuwait and Israel. Britons in these countries should contact the British Embassy immediately for full details