UK 5th column watch - Hizb ut-Tahrir

Dr Imran Waheed has published a traitorous article on his jihad website Kalifah.com. In the article he states that "Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain believes that captured US and allied troops should be treated as 'unlawful combatants' by the Iraqi army" rather than as POWs as stipulated by the Geneva convention. He claims this would be legitimate because of the interment of terrorists captured in the Afghan theatre. What he fails to point out is that terrorists ARE illegal combatants, soldiers are not, and are entitled to POW status, be they captured Allied or Iraqi troops. The Allies will honour the geneva convention, sadly the Iraqis seem to have taken the traitor Waheed's advice and ignored it when dealing with our prisoners of war. Why did we abolish the death penalty for treason and what do we need to do to bring it back asap?
Footage likely to be missing British soldiers

British Ministry of Defence confirms that two dead soldiers, whose bodies were shown in footage broadcast by al-Jazeera TV, are probably two Britons who went missing during a battle near al-Zubayr on Sunday. al-Jazeera has now braodcast footage of British and Americans murdered by ba'athist savages, plus the geneva convention violating tapes of American POWs being interogated by Iraqi TV. All organisartions in Allied countries must cut off ties with them immediately. We are passing details on their known suppliers and partners to major media in the UK. Those who fail to comply with a total boycott should be boycotted themselves. Details to follow ASAP.

BBC deal with al-jazeera


Uprising in Basra

An uprising against Saddam's regime is underway in Basra. British troops have entered the outskirts of the city in support of the civilian uprising. British artillery are laying down continuous counter-battery fire on Iraqi mortar positions which have fired at civilians. Allied planes have bombed and totally destroyed the Ba'ath party HQ in Basra.
Polish commandos engage enemy

Polish GROM special forces have been engaging Iraqi targets near Umm Qasr. Great to have you with us guys.. good hunting.

BBC front line update

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RIP guys, we'll miss you

RAF Tornado crew confirmed dead.

For our enemies - no we don't blame our friends and allies in the US. The UK, US and Australian Allies are operating as an integrated military unit with different units assigned to different tasks. Which nation has specific responsibility for air defence is not relevant, blue on blues are tragic but sadly realistically impossible to eradicate altogether, so our enemies who think this incident may cause splits in the alliance of three great freedom loving nations can fuck right off.
We will prevail

Its been a tough day with 2 RAF crew missing, journalist Terry Lloyd confirmed killed, a number of US troops killed and at least 5 captured by Iraqi troops. A fruther 6 US service personel have been killed when their medivac Blackhawk crashed in SE Afghanistan during the current offensive against muslim terrorists in that theatre. However despite these losses Allied armour is now less than 100 miles from Bagdhad and we have taken thousands of Iraqi troops prisoner. It's been a tough day but we will prevail.
Abu Hamza calls for execution of Allied troops

Captain Hook's statement on Iraq removes any doubt our government may have as to what they should do with this piece of refuse. Egypt are asking for him to be extradited on terrorism charges, we must comply with this request immediately. Whatever use he may have played in the past for MI5 his ranting is now beyond a joke and he cannot be allowed to remain in the UK.
Muslim-American soldier detained in Kuwait attack

It appears that the Camp Pennsylvania attack was carried out by a muslim terrorist sympathiser who was serving with the US Army. Worldnetdaily have the story in more detail.
Front line update

11:15 GMT - B52's are taking off from RAF Fairford for further attacks on Iraqi targets. The RAF Tornado reported missing is still not accounted for. RAF personel suggest it may have been hit by a Patriot air defence missile. A small explosion has been heard near US Central Command headquaters in Doha, Qatar. One soldier has died and 10 have been injured after a grenade and small arms attack in Kuwait on the HQ of the 101st Airborne. Another American soldier was arrested over the incident at Camp Pennsylvania. Air raid sirens are sounding in Baghdad. Allied fighter bombers have destroyed the building containing the last resisting Iraqi forces in Umm Qasr.