Treason anyone?

Bev Geisbrecht of jihadunspun fame finally admits that she is a servant of bin Ladin. As her alter ego "Bruce Kennedy" states - Osama is certianly considered a scholar amongst some and not by others. Are his fatawa's valid. In my opinion yes, as they are backed up specifically by the Quran.

Time to remove her to Gitmo methinks


Iraqis cheer as statue toppled by US Marines

Iraqis climb the statue and sling rope around the neck

The statue with USMC tow cables attached



Baghdad liberated

Iraqis greet US troops in Baghdad

No more Saddam...jubilant Iraqis tear down a painting of the dictator in Baghdad

Eat sandle Saddam...and elderly Iraqi man shows what he thinks of the dictator now he's free to express his views.

Free at last....Iraqis celebrate as Allied forces take control of the city.

Thank you...a gatefull Iraqi man gives flowers to a US Marine during the liberation of Baghdad


British troops seize Basra, US troops gain control of areas of Baghdad

An Iraqi girl welcomes US Marines in Nasiriyia

Newly liberated locals show their thanks to a Royal Marine Commando in Basra

Iraqi children welcome Royal Marines in Basra