JUSgear - pro-terrorist clothing from the cradle to the grave

Bev Geisbrecht's Jihadunspun have launched a range of pro-terrorist clothing for babies and adult terror-monkeys alike. When I originally wrote the parody of jihadunspun I included the following as part of a mock interview

MS - So, you're undetered by oposition - what is the future of JihadUnspun?
BK - Martin, we have a very exciting project in the pipeline. We will of course continue to provide infidel free news to the faithful, but we are expanding into a another exciting area. We will be launching a range of jewproof clothing using the revolutionary himmlertex (r) material developed by our friends at RiechsCorp. They will be available in a range of styles and colours for men and in an snazzy all in one head to toe black number for women and will protect the wearer from jewish lies - they simply slide off the material and fall harmlessly to the floor. Kitted out with their JihadUnspun clothes our customers could have lunch with Woody Allen and emerge unscathed - it really is a breakthrough in the fight against the infidels. Not that they should have lunch with a jew obviously because thats just the sort of thing the jews would want. Bastards.

Life imitates art once again.